Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Miles away but the pain continues

Yesterday, I witnessed an earthquake in Irvine, California. It took few seconds to realize that ground is shaking and I needed to run outside. Though, there was a moment of fear but I don’t know why, I didn’t care. I was neither terrified nor felt there is an urgent necessity to run. It was like … if this is it…so it is. Probably, I have started not caring about life as much as I used to do earlier. Maybe, it’s due to losing in love and giving up on fate. It’s hard for me to accept his fact. My heart still says, it’s possible and there is a solution ahead.

TwitterBackgroundIt’s been over two months since I blogged. To be honest, there was nothing to share. I have just been living life…like a normal person. It isn’t the ‘Abubakr’ who relentlessly tries to produce new ideas anymore. It’s just some common man…living life in shadows of reality and loneliness. Sometimes, I do question myself about what I actually want from life… but after lot of soul searching… I give up. I don’t see an answer… I don’t find something I can relate to. Life appears to be a meaningless passage of time.

I forgot to mention, on 20-21st of February, I gave an invited talk and co-chaired computer science sessions at ICETE-2010, an international conference held at a local engineering college at Maharashtra. Basically, arranging conferences has become a business model for engineering colleges. Colleges want to arrange conferences because they want to gain publicity and students wants to attend them because they need publications to enter big universities. In between all these, research is abused. At the end I was left asking, where is the actual research? Anyhow, I attended this conference purely because of an invitation from a dear friend. I gave two talks, a technical talk for computer science students on “P v/s NP – Beyond the limits of Computation’ and another talk to general audience on ‘Research- the Search for Knowledge’. In both the talks, my attempt was to induce the passion for research among students. I don’t know how far I succeeded in my attempt but overall feedback seems to be positive. You can download the slides from here.