Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Complete submission to the will of God

It’s been a while since I blogged and the absence was intentional. I wanted to take some time off to understand life. Fortunately, I got to spend lot of time in isolation. I spend about two months in Sydney and Brisbane and another month in Mumbai. Every time, I was alone, I kept asking God, a very simple question. “Why?”

Why am I so deeply in love with a lady, whom I have met only five times? Why do I keep thinking about her all the time? Why do I keep praying for her well-being? Why do I miss her so badly? Why do I feel so committed to her?

Even after months of serious thinking, I have found no answers for these questions. I guess, that’s how life is. I guess, that’s how the feeling of love is. You don’t know the destination until you arrive at it. In this age of social networks, the fact that I have no idea where she is… itself indicates the tragedy of my life. Honestly, I don’t even know whether she is married or unmarried now. Whenever I get this thought, I just look up to God for an answer.

Sometimes my heart says, if everything was simple, then I wouldn’t have been happy with life. And all these differences, circumstances, etc. are all test of time. The fact that, I am not giving up hope even when all odds are against me, makes me feel very happy. Maybe, this has helped in solidifying my relationship with God. The God, who has created me, has also created her. The best solution is to accept the decision made by God. The essence of my religion is ‘complete submission to the will of God’… And this feeling of love has taught me exactly that. Complete submission to the will of God.

In my next post, I shall post about some research ideas that I have been working on.