Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hyderabad Weekend Getaway: Anantagiri Hills, Vikarabad

I never expected that, just around 100 km away from Hyderabad, there is something as beautiful as Anantagiri Hills. Best time to visit Anantagiri Hills is rainy reason. You would find the valley glowing with greenery and at around 4 PM in the evening, the valley would be covered in the clouds. The road to Anantagiri Hills is well laid and you would be able to cover the journey of 100 KMs in less than 2 hours.
Route: Hyderabad – Nehru Ring road from Gachibowli – Take Vikarabad Exit – Moinabad – Vikarabad – Anantagiri Hills
Started from Hyderabad at around 11 AM. Reached Vikarabad around 1:30PM. Anantagiri Hills are about 10 KM away from Vikarabad towards Tandoor. We roamed around the hills for a while … the real fun started when my driver took my black beast (Safari) off the road. Though, it is a hilly region, but the hill is fairly smooth and driving is possible. Alternately, you can park the vehicle road side (there is a large plain areas next to road where I did find couple of vehicles parked).  Spend two hours trekking and it was totally worth it. My biggest regret was not carrying a metal detector. I found several stones which appeared like meteorites.  Highly recommend this place for trekking. A word of caution though, the region is unprotected and in case of any emergency, it’s difficult to find help.  If you plan to go deep inside the jungle, then go in a large group.
Food: Good hotels available at Vikarabad. There is a good resort near Anantagiri Hills (5 KM away from Vikarabad). At Tandoor (40 KM away from Vikarabad), there is an excellent Hotel called ‘Alishaan’ that servers Hyderabadi Biryani, Haleem, Irani Chai, etc. 


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