Friday, December 11, 2009

Cool Biometric recognition systems - Did you know?

clip_image002[4]Similar to biometric recognition techniques such as  fingerprint, IRIS and face recognition, everyone's tongue print can be used for biometric recognition!



While reading the above papers, I thought, How about lips? Then, I came across this paper. Though, I am not sure it is proved that every lip print is unique.


And then I thought, how about nose? Then I came across this paper which uses nose pores as biometric recognition system.

Check this for more details.


After reading about the above biometric recognition system, I was wondering… what has stopped researchers from exploring the biometric possibilities for other parts of human body. Just then, I came across this Wikipedia article which says…

It is possible to understand if a human characteristic can be used for biometrics in terms of the following parameters:

  1. Universality – each person should have the characteristic.
  2. Uniqueness – is how well the biometric separates individuals from another.
  3. Permanence – measures how well a biometric resists aging and other variance over time.
  4. Collectability – ease of acquisition for measurement.
  5. Performance – accuracy, speed, and robustness of technology used.
  6. Acceptability – degree of approval of a technology.
  7. Circumvention – ease of use of a substitute”

Acceptability –  Well, that might be the reason stopping researchers from some out-of-box ideas.  My only regret is that, wish I knew pattern recognition algorithms…

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