Saturday, January 30, 2010

Standing at the seashore…

I stood there on the sea shore watching the energetic water waves for hours and hours. There was some mysterious force that made me anxious to watch each and every wave. Yes, each wave generated the curiosity as if it’s going to bring something new to the shore. There is something magical about ocean. From times immemorial, human beings have stood on the shored and watched the gigantic oceans with awe.

I walked along the seashore for a while…recollecting some of the painful times of my life. Yes, I am alone and it hurts immensely. But I guess, that’s how life is. Sometimes it becomes important for a person to lose the most precious of belongings to walk on the unseen path. And I was there, walking on the seashore, collecting the seashells and getting fascinated by the beauty of nature. But in the heart, I was hurt and had tears rolling all over my eyes. It’s difficult.

sea shore

To be honest, I haven’t recovered from the shocks that life has given me. As I write this…my mind is pre-occupied with sadness and helplessness. And whatever that I write is deeply impacted by it. It’s been close to two months since I have spoken a word with her and I know…my dream of being with her is slowly drifting away from me. The vacuum it has created around me is suffocating. It’s like someone has pierced an arrow through the body and slowly pulling it out. It’s like being lost in the waves of ocean. I don’t know whether she thinks about me … but I miss her.

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