Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thread theory - Beyond String theory

Journey of life teaches so many things and yet most of us attempt to repeat the mistakes. How often have I not told myself that time is the most valuable thing and yet when I spend all day doing virtually nothing… and this is happening from quite some time. Year 2005 was very special for me. It was this year when I first wrote a paper on solitons and in the summer holidays I went on to write the book Cosmos Redefined. The subsequent years haven’t produced the work anywhere close to the work I did in 2005.

3 months gone in 2009, I want to repeat the hard work and will power I showed in 2005. However, to add to my agony, I am miles away from the kind of concentration and dedication I had then. Distracted, frustrated and agitated with loneliness and wastage of time, I find myself in a situation where I have ruined my hopes of being a scientist.

This Friday, I did some shopping along with my father. I spend about 3 hours searching for books at Koti, Hyderabad and finally found two good books. “Topics in Algebra” by I.N. Herstein and “Introductory Quantum mechanics” by Richard L. Liboff. Planning to spend next two weeks reading the formal literature of these books and hopefully expecting that few ideas will fire up.

On a side note, I also got a print out of “Elegant Universe” by Brian Greene. I particularly don’t believe in superstrings though I am very fond of the idea of strings. Long back, when I read about string theory, I proposed a theory called “Thread theory”. Instead of strings, why can’t the matter be made up of threads? Now, when I think of it, I don’t think the idea was a bad one. Well, there you go… I found the topic for my research!

Thread theory ---- Here we go!


nameera said...

But where's the thread theory?
Will have to wait for another blog eh?
Best of luck for that.."The thread theory!"

PS:Am I the only blogger following you?

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!!