Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chapters of Holy Quran in Wikipedia - Need contribution

I was searching regarding the context of Sura Al-Ghasiya (Chapter no. 88) and was shocked to find that, Wikipedia article about this chapter contains no information. Subsequently, I searched about the other Chapters such as Al-Fajr but found not much information. As we all know, understanding Holy Quran without knowing the context is very difficult and sometimes confusing.  From what I have observed, the top 10 results when you search Chapter name yields translation of that particular chapter but not the context.

In this regard, Wikipedia can play pivotal role. When the chapter name of Holy Quran is searched, Wikipedia article about that Chapter is among the top 10 results. Unfortunately, Wikipedia classifies many (80+ among 114) of the articles about the chapters of Holy Quran are classified as ‘stub’ due to lack of contribution from Muslims.  Imagine a non-Muslim trying to find information on internet about Chapter 12, Sura Yusuf… where will he first go to? Which search result will he first click?  IMHO, about 8 out of 10 would click the Wikipedia result to find information. And what does he find? Sadly, just couple of lines of information. 

I humbly ask, those of you who are knowledgeable in Islamic Studies to take some time out, prepare content on each Chapter and contribute to Wikipedia. This will not only help Muslims and non-Muslims understand Holy Quran but also be rewarding experience for you. Below, I have listed out the Chapters that have some information and the chapters that immediately need your attention. Please use template for writing content but this doesn’t mean better template cannot be created.  Before you add the content, please make sure you get it reviewed by other knowledgeable folks, so that, there isn’t any unintentional error. 

Please do forward this information to your local mosque and appeal for contribution. 

In future, another important task would be, to review the content (related to Holy Quran Chapters) that is already available on Wikipedia. Since, Wikipedia can be easily edited, some unwanted content might also creep in. If we can find some Islamic organization that can volunteer for this activity and approach Wikipedia with content on all chapters and convince them make the chapters ‘non-editable’, it would be helpful.

Chapters that already have some info: - Largest Chapter of Holy Quran but less than 1 page information available. - Chapter with over 200 verses but less than 1 page context available. - Chapter with 176 verses but less than 1 page context available. – A lot can be contributed   - Good explanation; This template can be followed for other Chapters as well.  --à Sura Luqmaan is being redirected to article on Luqmaan. This is not correct. There needs to be two articles, one on Sura Luqmaan and other on Luqmaan the person. - Some context available but a lot can be contributed. - Some context available but a lot can be contributed. - Some context available but a lot can be contributed. - Very good explanation; This template can also be used for other chapters. - Explanation already present. Needs some editing and aligning with the standard template. – Some more Contribution needed.

Chapters that demand contribution from the believers of Islam: - Chapter that was brought to earth after battle of Badr. Several verses are context based, yet not much context available.  - Only contains couple of lines of information. This is absolutely disheartening, given that many of recite this chapter every day.

May Allah grant us wisdom, intellectuality and peace.

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