Friday, November 12, 2010

India from ‘US and China’ perspective

India, as of now

Economically Developed India

Economically Backward India

India is one of the largest exporters of raw materials to China and US.

India would be rather supplying furnished goods than raw materials.

Backward economy would create internal conflicts in India affecting the continuous supply of raw materials at lower cost.

India is dependent on US for nuclear fuel supply and technology for civilian energy needs.

India would independently develop nuclear energy facilities to meet its civilian energy needs.

Indian nuclear technology will pose a security threat to surrounding nations.

India provides educated and industrial labour to several US and Chinese companies at low wages.

Educated labour would demand higher wages.

Possibility of Global companies being financed and controlled by Indians.

India will not be able to produce educated lab or force.

India is dependent on US and its allies for providing weaponry technology.

India would indigenously develop weapons for its national security.

India will not be able to afford weapons purchase from US.

Number of patents filed by Indians is considerably less compared to US and China. Number of patents, in a way determines the technological advances made by the nation.

With better economy, more funding will be available for research, resulting in drastic increase in patents filed by Indians. Hence, US, China and India would compete for every new technology.

Not applicable.

An average American eats five times more nutritious food than average Indian.

Indians would be eating nutritious food on par with Americans. This would result in global increase in food prices.

With degrading economy, Indians will not be able to produce food for themselves, hence increasing the global food prices by importing food.

US and China are strategically partnering with under-developed countries for exploration of natural resources.

India would join the US and China in exploration of natural resources available in under-developed countries, resulting in more competition for natural resources.

Not applicable.

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