Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Microscopic captures – Part1

An year back I added a microscope to my collection of gadgets, however, didn’t get much time and interest to play around with it. Finally, I got some time to experiment and I must admit, I am falling in love with microscopic world. Here are some microscopic shots, will be sharing more in future posts.

clip_image002Fig: Mosquito head: The dots are the eyes of mosquito.

clip_image004Fig: Feature of the mosquito.

clip_image006Fig: 40x Close-up of Cotton

clip_image008Fig: Plant Cells

clip_image010Fig: Plant cells. The odd cell in the middle could either be a parasite or a starch cell.

clip_image012Fig: Skin cells: I distinctly remember drawing this diagram back in school.

clip_image013Fig: Stem Cells of a plant

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