Saturday, February 21, 2009

About the cover-page of COSMOS REDEFINED

It was hard-time for me designing the cover page of my book. I spend hours and hours thinking, making designs on MS-paint, Adobe photoshop, powerpoint, etc. I wanted something to appear classic and elegant. There were few things back of my mind and I wanted cover page to reflect that. Writing COSMOS REDEFINED has been an extra-ordinary journey of my life. It involved isolation, courage, determination, fight-back, break-downs, love and lots of EUREKA moments. The major part of life was in isolation, I think I created that isolation myself. And I wanted the cover-page to point out that isolation. Yes, that isolation can be hurting at times, but it was for a cause. The cause was to understand the secrets of Universe, the way God created this universe and so on.

I finished formulating the main theory way back in 2005. I wanted to publish the book in Sep’ 2005, a century later to Einstein’s historic publications. Sometimes, in life you plan but it doesn’t happen. It was the same case with me. Nobody was ready to listen to the words of 18-19 year old boy. People tried to silence me by asking million questions on existing literature. When I went around professors, asking them for time, all they had was text book questions for me to solve and prove my knowledge. Then I started submitting papers to journals, only to received rejected mails from the editors. I had a point in my papers, but I failed to write in a very scientific way. One of the worst problems of Physics community is that they have made up so many benchmarks that a person from non-physics background find it extremely difficult to match up those benchmarks. When I say benchmarks, I don’t mean the standards in terms of knowledge but in terms of formatting, vocabulary, notations, etc. Anyhow, I don’t want to get into this debate. I took some time out for shaping my career, published few IEEE papers and got a good job to sustain in this commercialized world. In India, people give you respect looking at the figures you earn, damn I hate those people from bottom of my heart.

So, in all I wanted the cover page to reflect my journey in life. I spend few days making designs, asking friends for suggestions and searching my frozen chambers of brain for new ideas. When I was just about to give up, something flashed. It was an old painting that I did during my intermediate (11th Standard). I searched for it and finally found it, for some time I was lost in those memories of paintings. For those who are unaware of this, once upon a time I was a good painter, I won quite a few competitions and like always I gave it up as it was taking me away from my beloved science.

The painting shows a man, wearing a hat and a coat, it reflects the detective nature. The dress code of the man shows that he is on a mission to find the secrets. The tent, the mat, the little water bowl and the brunt logs shows his isolation and dejection from the world. The tree with no leaves reflects the dryness in his life. He uses the telescope to look at stars in the night and that gives him hope. There is curiosity in the atmosphere which is motivating him to unravel the mystery he is working on. The empty area around him indicates his limitations and reach. He is alone, isolated and determined. And finally, from the darkness, arises the sun. For a moment, his eyes couldn’t handle the light coming from the sun. He puts his hands over his eyes to have a look at the gigantic ball that rising in front of him. The bird flying across shows the glittering hope that has taken birth in him. This is exactly how is felt when I formulated Construction theory by unraveling some of the nature’s secrets.

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