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A business model for politics

My last blog article invited as many as 400 viewers within two days, Can you believe it!! Now, I am convinced that there is huge demand for Sildenafil. Though I am not a good blog writer, however seems like I have all qualities of being one. Add a little spice to science and there you go, people are really interested in knowing science. It is unfortunate that science has been presented before students in a very boring way. Believe me, there are lots of exciting stuff going on in science. Alright, I will stop my same old lecture about science though I should say "SCIENCE MAKES LIFE BEAUTIFUL", some of my friends should find that phrase very familiar.

Now-a-days, I find myself very confused about various aspects of life. Sometimes I find my life very stagnant and sometimes its on a ride. It is very difficult to understand the state of mind, the oscillations of mood and occurrence of events. You never know how the mind gets deviated to little things happening around, its just happens before you could realize. The other day I watching TV, I saw a commercial about "Tea" company, all of a sudden I was thinking about politics, how to change the political system in India. In the commercial, our dude interviews a politician and I should say the concept is awesome. I find it very odd that in our country we vote to political parties without even knowing the details about the candidate who is standing in elections. We are least bothered about the consequences of choosing a wrong person. May be that's why our nation is in deep waters, we have a so-called "democracy" and at the same time you find people saying "yahan par to goonda raj chal raha hain bhai". It is such a pity situation and what is more worse is that people are least bothered about it. How can we all be so irresponsible? It is the huge responsibility on all the educated people to choose talented, qualified and responsible people to run the government and educate the illiterates about the same. Where can we find talented, qualified and responsible people who are ready to take up the job of running the government? I deeply studied this subject from last two days and here are my solutions to it. They might be bit odd but once you apply your brain and thing over it, you will find lots of sense in them.

The so called 'politicians' or 'people who run the government' are not supposed to be treated as 'national leaders' and people who have done great sacrifice for the nation. In my opinion, country like India doesn't need politics, we need "developers" who can develop India, who can bring a smile on a hardworking farmer's face, who can achieve in booming our economy much higher than rest of the countries, who can make India a Super Power in terms of charity, power and peace, and so on. But here you are living in a nation which being ruined by politicians who play with the lives of people for the sake of money. Each party washes their dirty linen in public, throws all kinds of allegations on each other and ultimately they do almost nothing to our nation. Somebody asked me this question, why do you say politicians have done nothing to our nation, look at all the progress, isn't it due to our politicians. Well, the first few lines following paragraph is answer to such a question.

Imagine a 'TREE', the tree grows without any artificial help due to sun's light, rain from water and natural soil but you can nurture the tree in a better way by taking care of it. By supplying nutrients, by regularly watering, removing dried leaves etc. In a similar way, our nation is like a tree, and whatever development we are finding around is due to natural causes not due to the hard work of politicians. Forget about nurturing the nation, our politicians have added negative growth to the natural development. As I said earlier, we don't need politicians, we need "developers". The developers, who can nurture the nation, add positive growth to the natural development and make our nation a very prosperous one. Well, in proper words, we are assigning the job of developing the nation in the hand of "developers". It is a job with responsibility and I am sure there is enough talent in India to do this job efficiently. The problem is that, you and I do not give the people who can develop the nation an opportunity. I have business plan to run the nation and I am sure someday this sort of business models will be executed in our nation.

The business model introduces a term called "Professional Politics". The model presents a new consultancy company that can develop the nation by providing intellectual property for the development of the nation. The company is not meant as a replacement for the political parties, however the company does have its own employees contending in elections. Here comes the twist, as per Indian Constitution, an employee of some company cannot hold a government post (office of profit). Hence, the company won't be registered as a private company; it will be registered as an official political party. The difference is in the structure and attitude of this party. Giving a corporate structure which each person has his own commitments, responsibilities, growth structure, scope for innovation and last but not the least to run the company cum political party in profits. I will give the brief details about why can't it be a non-profitable political party, why a consulting company structure suits and how the commitments of each person is defined in the company. In the following discussion I shall be using the word "company", though on record (officially) it refers to a political party.

The success of the company lies in its achievements and profits. A political cum corporate company shall run into profits as it has to recruit outstanding brains for the development of the nation, it has to have a proper internal role defined structure and all this would require money. Next big task before the company would be achieving the development of the nation. Actually, this task is far easier than we imagine it to be. Fortunately, the natural development of the nation is always towards positive direction, all it is required from the company side (political party) is to enhance the natural development to the next level. This would require the company to have strategists, technologists, designers, campaigners, leaders, bureaucrats and collaboration with different technical companies. If you look at current political scenario, there aren’t many technologists, designers and strategists in political parties. The ministers themselves are not equipment with sufficient knowledge and the political party doesn’t have a proper support staff to support the minister. The support staff of current political parties includes the people who can arrange stage dramas, protests, crimes, rallies, etc. This is really a very unfortunate state of the nation. With a professionally structured party, it can recruit young students straight from colleges and private companies to provide intellectual property for the nation.

How shall such a party run into profits? Having a thorough professional political party will help industries and private companies to advance in the market. Such political party will definitely attract more amounts of funds than any other party. It is well known that our present political parties extract huge money from industrialists and remaining money from corruption. A professional political party will bring transparency; it will show to the people on record, how much money it has received as funds from different companies and institutions.

I have a gut feeling that this idea will work out. I have just presented a crude structure of the model. Lets see, may be after a decade I might start a similar business.

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