Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thoughts to build on...

'Thoughts' that human brain generates are not only mysterious but sometimes very misleading as well. Your whole character is based upon the thoughts produced by your brains continiously. Everything that you do, everything that you say is nothing but the implementation of some of your the thoughts. The mystery of thoughts is that you are never sure what thought are you going to produce the next moment. However, based on your character one can guess the range of thoughts you can generate. Scientifically we can say that "Character" is similar to a complex system that generates future outputs based upon "past inputs". Human characters are not as simple as we visualize it to be. If the characters were simple, our lifes wouldn't have been full of emotions. The simpler the character is, the lesser the emotions are. I don't know why I am sounding so philosophical today. But let me not deviate from the topic at least today, my general tendency is to start from origin and end up at infinity !!

People judge your character based upon your "Public thoughts". Public thoughts are the actions that you have done in your life publicly (known to people). However, it is misleading to believe that actual character of a person is based upon so called public thoughts. Human brain generates millions of "private thoughts". Some of these thoughts we reveal it before the people we are close with and many we confine it to ourselves. The actual character of a person is based upon the combination of both public thoughts and private thoughts. Every decision that you make, every future step that you make is based upon the public thoughts and private thoughts. Let's do this scientifically since i am best at science.

Public Character ( Cp) = F ( public thoughts)

Actual Character ( C ) = F ( public thoughts, private thoughts)

Where 'F' is the judging function. Judging function is again dependent on the person who is judging.

The above equation can also be represented as

Public Character of X in Y's point of view ( Cpxy) = F( public thoughts of X, public thoughts of Y, private thoughts of Y)

Y can never determine the actual character of X unless Y = X.

"You are the best judge of yourselves". And yes, finally we have the scientific proof for that. It is impossible for 'Y' to know all the private thoughts of 'X'. Private thoughts are continious and even if you decide to share it with some person, the only way this could happen is that "you keep on saying simultaneously all the thoughts generated by your brain" to that person. Considering all the natural scenarios, it is impossible for you to simultaneously speek out all your thoughts to some other person day and night. By the way, those crazy love birds who at this moment are doubting this fact, let me say you "private thoughts" are generated even when you are 1 sec old.

Well, you can see from above that things are getting complex, but that's how complex we all are. We know people around us by their public thoughts and we aren't sure what there private thoughts can be. That's the reason so many people get misunderstandings, breakups and all sorts of crazy things happen between them.  I am not a Love Guru, let me tell you, when you say you know a person, think again and if you are still not convinced that you are wrong, just have a look at the mathamatical proof given above.

Life is not about knowing a person, life is about making yourselves known to others. Wow, i just realised something special. If i can't be a scientist, I can be a good philosopher!! Once the people know you more, they will be able to get close to knowing your actual character. That way, there is a possibility of strong relationships. Anyhow, like many people say, relationships are based upon trust and faith. Sometimes trust and faith by others can modify your private thoughts and you might become a real good human being.

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