Saturday, February 21, 2009

Download Cosmos Redefined

From a long time I have been saying to you all about my ambitious book called "Cosmos Redefined" containing a Unified theory of Physics. I don't say it has turned out to be the great, however, I can say for sure that it's worth reading.

Some Highlights of the book:

Ø One of the biggest claims of the book is formulation of a Grand Unified Theory. Yes, it was the Einstein's Dream and seems like time has come to witness the dream to be fulfilled. This theory is referred as Construction Theory in the book.

Ø Discovery of a new fundamental quantity of nature called as "Chakr". "Chakr" along with Space and Time constitute everything that is available in the universe. The planets, the stars, the galaxies, the atoms, the elementary particles, etc are made up of Chakr, space and time. You need to read the book to know more details about it.

Ø Discovery of a new branch of mathematics called as "Calpanic Numbers" which is used to for the first time to answer some of the mysteries in physics. The book uses Calpanic Numbers to define Big Bang, Black holes, dark matter, dark energy, etc. It was my childhood dream to see Indian Alphabets used as scientific constants. I have used Sanskrit symbol "ka" for denoting Calpanic Numbers.

Ø The book is written in simple English so that anyone who has little knowledge about science can also understand it. Yes, there are many equations used in the book, that's just to prove that what I am saying has mathematical support.

Ø Starting from the dimensional formulas for basic quantities to derivations of Schrödinger's equation, Planck's Radiation formula, relativity, E = mc^2, etc has been obtained from the new theory called as Construction Theory.

Ø Through Construction Theory, I have provided a scientific framework to unify quantum mechanics and general theory of relativity. This solves a long running rivalry between the two greatest theories in the history of physics.

There are many more new things and elegant ideas present in the book. To know more about them, you need to read the book. The book can be freely downloaded from my blog, there is a "Public Folders" icon, Click it to download. I have published limited number of paper bound copies as well. I am also giving away some copies as gifts to the people who give constructive criticisms, reviews, extend my ideas through research, prove my ideas wrong etc.

Do take some free time to read the book and if you like it do forward the information to your friends, relatives, enemies, anyone in your address books and whomever you want to, after all science is meant for everyone.


Mohd Abubakr,

February 27 6:47 PM 2008

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