Saturday, February 21, 2009

A little boy's story

Once upon a time there was a little boy who had never seen the outside world other than his house. His parents taught him everything they could and finally they decided to send him to the school. So the little boy goes to a school... there for the first time he finds lots of other kids running, shouting, laughing, playing...... The boy stares them but he doesn't know how to play, he doesn't know what is fun all about ... he is just confused looking at the other kids. Days pass by and neither did he try to talk with anyone nor did the other kids notice about him. He was alone, isolated and confused.

One day it rained heavily and the school ground got filled with rain water. All the kids were dancing in the water and making noise except the little boy. Suddenly he saw some boys were making paper ships and there was a ship race. This excited him, he went near to that place to have a closer look. But the other boys didn't allow him to play since he didn't have his own paper ship. After reaching home the little boy learns the art of making ships from his mother and makes lot of ships. Next day, once again all the boys gather to have ship race... the little boy proudly joins the other boys with around 25 ships. Unfortunately all his paper ships sink and he loses the race. Other boys make fun of him since he had most number of ships in the race and still he lost.

After a dissapointing first race, the little boy decides to do something innovative. He makes a water proof ship with polythene packets. He uses the jersey milk packets cover made up of plastic to make ships. This time he wins the race... the other boys started talking to him. Everyday he made better ships and he won the race every day. He was the undisputed winner...........until the water got dried. No more the kids gathered to have ship more the other boys were talking to him ... once agian he was alone. He waited for the rain ... he waited for the ship race.....neither did it rain nor did anyone asked him to play another game.

That little boy was me.... Mohammed Abubakr and I am still waiting for that rain. My life is still the same... alone, isolated and confused. When I win something, I see lot of people around me but when there is nothing going on in my life... I find no one. Neither did anyone tried to understand me nor did I try to understand people. But then, life has always been like my ships ... innovative and unbeatable. I am thankful to the Almighty God for all the luck and mercy he has blessed me,  without which I wouldn't have survived in this untruthful world.

October 25 12:02 AM


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