Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tracking a Mysterious girl

And here comes the new blog article. Well, from physics, pharmacy, philosophy, politics... and finally I break the "P" sequence, yes; this stuff is about being, Bond, James Bond. Yes, detectives have always thrilled us and as a kid I always enjoyed reading detective novels. I started with Sherlock Holmes, Hardy boys and Nancy Drew. The coolest thing about these characters is that they take you into a new world of excitement, thrill and mystery. When I was kid, I use to always visualize myself like a detective who is solving some kind of mystery but the only problem was life around is so normal that there aren’t any mysteries going on. I remember one major assignment I got as a detective was from my teacher, I was suppose to track the thief in our class who steals pencils from my classmates. Wow, you should have seen my excitement. You won’t believe, I even purchased a magnifier to track the fingerprints and when my friends asked me about it, I used to say them, “it’s a big secret, I am on a mission”. After all my hard work, I found the thief, actually it was easy, I knew the thief from before and I should confess I did all the over actions to fulfill my fantasy of being a detective. I should have told of to the teacher that so and so guy is doing is when she asked me but I felt the good doing it other way around. I mean, where would I get a chance to observe the fingerprints of all my classmates, act as if my eyes are good enough to do finger recognition, wow, that’s actually funny today, but then when you are 8 years old, that’s got to be cool.

After a long interval, I am switched back to my detective days. Recently, I finished reading John Grisham’s The Client, courtesy of my newfound chat friend. It’s a murder mystery and a well-written book. Now, all I needed was a mystery, a mystery that I can solve. Before, I can search around that mystery; I found something beautiful and inviting at Orkut. It was a personal album of a girl, whom is found by random browsing on Orkut. In my view, she is probably the most beautiful girl I have seen, there was innocence in her face, passion in her eyes, a naughty smile on her lips, or in simple words just good enough to make a scientist go crazy to track her. Now, the detective in me was reborn, I had to track this girl, know more about her. Actually Orkut is so odd, people don’t put her their names, instead they write all sorts of crazy “status names”. For that matter, I have put up my first/last name as “Proud to be Quantum Mechanic”. So, now all I had was few pictures (which I didn’t download, common, I can’t do that, I am not so cheap), I don’t know her name and the challenge before me was not scrap any of her friends to know her. This was an interesting self-assignment, the more I saw those pictures, the more I was getting attracted. I just wanted to know about that girl, oh, common; my thoughts are as pure as they are ever. I really don’t understand what actually motivated me to do so, it became sort of my top priority for me to actually track that girl.

So what do you think, was Abubakr successful in tracking her? Give a guess and read on the blog. I should say so far I have partially tracked her. The good news is that I have talked with her twice on Yahoo Messenger. The process of tracking was difficult; it required lot of research and time. First I read carefully all her scraps, damn half of them were the scraps of stupid guys who say, “hey, me… so and so, want to do friendship with me”, it was so boring to read all that, I wonder what goes through the ladies mind when they read such scraps and more than that I wonder what goes through the mind of people who scrap those. Well, one tip to actually instigate a girl to reply you back is “hurt her ego”, she will jump to reply you back”. Anyhow, once I read her scraps, I only I got it clear that this girl doesn’t indulge much in spending time on Orkut. Now, there was a huge twist, in one of the community, I found that she has hundreds of posts to her name. This was quite mysterious to discover because it was pretty obvious that she doesn’t talk much through her scraps. The community had more than 30 topics with more than 10 topics having more than 1000 scraps. Wow, that was a tedious exercise to read all those scraps. I mean I don’t think even a guy who loves her would have done so much, but yes I did it. There were some bizarre things in that community such as she is having an affair with a guy but that guy wasn’t even in her friends list. There were few things that I can’t even mention. Now, here starts my detective work. I first started plotting graphs about how many scraps he posted in that community each day, I compared the number with the number of post she received in her profile. There was something missing here, either she was deleting the posts from her profile or she wasn’t receiving any scraps to her profile. There were many things that I noted down, it was all like a FBI agent tracking down a fugitive. I know, looking at the pictures so many times a day was having some effect on my mind, but it was so thrilling that I went on.

Now, I started interacting with the members of that community who are not in her friends list. At first, I didn’t strike the right person, lots of time was wasted in talking to people who didn’t provide any concrete evidence. Then I finally found a guy, who tracked down her cousin; now the secrets were coming out, like who she is, what she does, etc. Meanwhile, she did one mistake, she scrapped her yahoo email id to one of her friend. All I could do was write her a mail, actually the mail was so stupid that nobody would have replied to that. The next thing I did was talking to the guy who claims to be her boyfriend in that community. It was difficult to make that guy vomit the truth, but he was so calm. He told me that he going to marry that girl and they are in love from one year. That was pretty informative as I got to know that this girl is about to get married (big blow to my stupid mind, who was slowly getting attracted). I sent her an offline on yahoo messenger saying congrats about her boyfriend and some regular stuff.

Time for Twist, the girl says that she doesn’t know that guy and explained me the real story. The next day I find all the posts from that community erased because she wasn’t aware one of her cousin was using her id to post some stupid messages in that community on her behalf. I chatted with this … say “Our mysterious Lady”, for three hours, though I had an all important meeting next day, man, I went late to the meeting since I just got 4 hours to sleep. Anyhow, “our mysterious lady” is a very nice and talented girl. Got to know so much about her within hours.

Now, here comes the reality. Actually, the mystery lady is very open minded and very friendly, but don’t know for some reason she doesn’t want to do friendship with me. Forget about the hard work that I did in tracking her; I think I know so much about her and yet she doesn’t consider myself worthy enough to be my friend. I know, someday she is going to read this post, I do hope she accepts me as her friend.

Oh, yeah…, isn’t she lucky that Abubakr is asking her for friendship?

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