Saturday, February 21, 2009

Life, love and Me

Life is pretty strange with full of twists and turns. It lets you frame new ideas, new future plans and new relationships. Oh, Yeah, this blog post i will shed some light on my craziness in framing new ideas, new future plans and new relationships. Ofcourse, new relationships have been very rare in my life and have been very occational. You will find new ideas in every moment of my life, from framing theories to bizzarre hair-styles. Actually the problem is that, when i stand before mirror, i say myself, i have seens this face before, i can't change it but i can change the hair-style. That's how i end up having a different hair-style every day, sometimes i change the hair-styles multiple times a day. One of my friend recently asked me, what makes me so crazy, why can't you be just normal ? My reply to him is, "being crazy is my normal state". Ofcourse, i always see that my crazyness doesn't effect negatively to anyone around. Coming to framing future plans, well, I totally rely on Allah for this. You never know, where your life leads you. I never thought I will in software industry, i was a pure hardware guy but i ended being in the most succesful software company. I have been said by many people that "being in Microosft is a big acheivement in itself and I should consider myself lucky for having made it so far being from non-computer background". Thanks for the suggestion, however, I disagree. I have got a huge challenge ahead of creating my own identity in a ever changing software industry and I don't consider I have acheived anything so far. May be, after few years, when i Live search my name "Mohd Abubakr" and the results say "Nobel lauriate, Von Neuman Prize and Field Medalist Mohd Abubakr"... that shall be what i call as acheivement. I know that I have always asked for more from God and God has been kind. And I am sure that God will certainly give for a person who asks with a good heart. Yes, if people say I am begging before God too much, then my reply is Yes, I am a begger before God. God has created me, given me all that I have and shall be giving me all that is good for me in future. Hmm.. seems like I am getting little too emotional here, I will control myself to move to write something that sounds more interesting to you.

As I said before, life is strange and believe me it is stranger than it gets. That fact that some stranger comes into our lives and we tend to live our rest of our lives with that stranger makes it even more strange.  No matter what, life teaches you very soon to frame relationships, the relationships of love. The new born baby who isn't much aware of the existing world learns quickly to love his/her mother. That's the first lesson that life teaches you, loving your mother. I have read numerous articles that say a new born baby recognises his/her mother. I will glad to read a scientific definition for this, any bio guys, can you help me out. So, i was saying, life starts teaching us forming relationships right from the moment we are born.  I heard many people saying, it will take time for me to trust someone, it will take sometime for me to commit. Always i found this strange, you don't find relationships, the life finds that relationship that you are about to make. No matter how strong you are, let me say you this, its your life that has taken you towards framing a relationship. I know, I am sounding very confusing here, actually i find it fun in confusing people, some part of the paragraph, you will find it as really meaningful, then all of a sudden it just goes out of your reach... Actually, I just let my fingers type whatever my brain says. I give my brain full control to type whatever it feels, express it to the world, i don't care how many people are reading my blog, whether its 400 or just myself, what matters me most is I have let my brain speak out.

I say this as "Freedom theraphy", actually all of us need this freedom theraphy. We all should let our brains speakout, let us not confine our lives because we are bothered that someone is looking at me, people might laugh at me, bla bla bla. Look, this is your life, you got all the freedom to live it as you like, no one is stopping you other than youself. The other day I was watching "Jab We Met", its a cool movie, there are lots of possitives that I learnt from that movie. One of the message of the movie is "Life is all about Living it to the fullest and don't complain". Every moment in our life is special, say now you are reading my blog, even this moment is special, maybe after reading this you might just fall in love me Wink or just end up hating me for wasting your valuable time Disappointed. To be frank, there are more chances of the second scenario else I wouldn't have been single so far !! .  Oh, comon, love doesn't mean that only one damn thing, there are different versions of love you see. If you think, oh this guy is so nice, let me change your opinion, by versions, I mean you can get love as Trial demo V1, V2 life long run with few disabled features and V3 for life long with complete features.  Which do you want from me ? If your anger on me has damped down, then let me explain you some philosophical meaning of what i have just said.  Generally, many of us go through these different versions of love in our life. I am sure many of you people might have experienced a Trial demo V1 in your lifes, some others might be going through "lifelong run with disabled features V2" and few lucky ones are experiencing "Lifelong run with full features V3". By now, you must have got what i meant by V1, V2 and V3. Unless a rare case, we all are interested in V3 but the normal tendency is to give a shot at V1. You find it good, you convert it into V3. However, I have seen many people ending up with V2. There are together for lifelong but most of the features of life are disabled. Features live love of parents, respect in society and the most importantly mutual respect for each other. What's your life when your life partner doesn't respect you ? What's the life when you are away from your ageing parents ? There are so many questions that we don't think and end up making a comprimise with life.

Love is a strange as life is. Sometimes it takes seconds to realize that you love someone and sometimes it takes a lifelong. More than realization of love, what is more important is how long does it last. Isn't it ? Do you know in Sub-atomic particle studies there is something called as "Strange Quantum Number" and the measure is called degree of strangeness.  I think there is huge need to apply it to human beings as well. Everyone of us have a degree of stangness in ourselves. Wow, wait a minute, I just got a brilliant idea.

Let me define something called as "Strange Human Number", it signifies the degreee of strangeness a human exhibits in decisions of life. The less the Strange Human Number, the more predictable you are, the higher the Strange Human Number, the less predictable you are. One can set the lower limit for the "Strange Human Number as "0" which means a particular person is absolutely predictable. It is very rare to find a person whose actions can be absolutely predictable, it can be treated as a ideal case for an artificial robot. Wait a minute, how can you scale the strangeness of a person ? I guess me we need to define another Human Number as well. The "Known Human Number", it signifies the degree of best reference measurement of strangeness a human has already exhibited in decisions of life. I am falling short of ideas now, let me postpone this for my future blog articles.

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