Saturday, February 21, 2009

Life After Cosmos Redefined

To put aside the kudos I have received from most of the people who read Cosmos Redefined, life has been just the same before and after. The same old loneliness, the same old frustration and same old science, that’s how the life is even today and perhaps, will remain the same if I don’t take any innovative steps in my life. One of the important reasons why I need to change the way I am living is to increase my productivity in generating new ideas. At least two days in a weak go in reconciling my strength and getting over my frustration of being alone. My loneliness is very strange and it’s hard to explain why it’s loneliness in itself. I find silence in crowded buses, emptiness in packed seminar halls and nuisance in shopping malls and so on. Eventually, all these only leave me lonely and make me think is I the only person who is feeling this way?

Well, loneliness is not the only problem I am facing now-a-days. The feminine distraction is just getting all over my mind disturbing the scientific purity and configuration of my agile brain. To work on true science one needs a high amount of concentration and mental purity and unless these two characteristic properties, one might be working on science but won’t be able to generate any new revolutionary ideas. I always believed that the biggest achievement of great people is not the great things they have done but their ability to standby to a character that a normal person wouldn’t have shown in a given scenario of life. If you intend to do great things in life, remember that it has to be in your character. You slip away once; the truth remains “you slipped”. Especially when it comes to science, you have to deeply look after your character, make sure you are mentally pure every second and it’s only then you produce a revolutionary idea and command a name in the history of Mankind. Yes, it’s not an easy task to produce a revolutionary idea in science. Just think of the outcome if you successfully achieve the task, a name in the history of mankind, a name that would be remembered forever until the humanity exists, a name that would inspire millions of people across the globe, a name that becomes synonymous to respect for your community and your nation…

At this juncture of life where I have stood by my conscious and character, giving away to the temptation is probably the worst mistake I could do. It’s easy to say, oh, you are saying as if you are too sacred compared to us. Well, I am really sorry if I have made that impression on your minds by writing the above two paragraphs. All I mean from it is that if I do something that spoils my mental purity, it will destroy the process of continuous random thought generation which ultimately leads to no “new scientific idea”. Trust me it’s hard to concentrate at a quantum mechanical problem with so many distractions around.

After analyzing the situation quite deeply, I came up with a solution that could help in achieving my scientific purity of mind. The solution is very odd especially considering that my age is only 21 years and 8 months. However, the solution is achievable and if it succeeds then nothing can happen better than it to my lonely and distracted life. I guess you are getting the hints about the solution, so let me not dramatize it, the solution is simple and it is “I should get married”. What? That was my first reaction to myself when I thought of it. Here’s a guy who loses interest in a field of science every month or less, how could he think of something that binds him to one single person rest of the life. I had to modify the solution so that it suit to my life. I think I am already married to science. I am not a kind of person who is prone to attachments, there have been very few people who have made an impression on my mid other than my blood relations. Having thought that, I came to a conclusion that marriage is not a better option for me at this age.

So, what’s the solution then? I did try to think of other out-of-box solutions but nothing appeared to have the potential to work out in my life. First I thought of having a girl-friend, however, I don’t think that can work out because for God’s sake no girl would be interested in a guy whose biggest turn-on is quantum mechanics. Have you heard of Louis Pasteur’s story? It seems that he was so involved in one of the experiments; he forgot to attend his own marriage! I think I am that sort of guy and it’s literally impossible to maintain a girl-friend if you are so involved in science. Moreover, my conscious hinders me to this solution. Then an idea occurred that modifies the “marriage” solution which can fit into my life. Why can’t I just get engaged to a girl of my parent’s choice, spend couple of years understanding her and then eventually marry her. Wow, that sounds so fantastic to me but my friends say that can happen only in Bollywood movies.

Two years of time would be a good duration for both of us to understand each other, modify each other as per the each other requirements (I can work out for six-pack abs if she wants me to), discuss quantum mechanics from scratch, etc. What if she doesn’t like you after two years? Well, she can happily walk-out of it and marry someone else. What if I don’t like her after two years? Well, I won’t take two years of time to tell her that I don’t like her. You know, I have a gut feeling that this is good idea for everyone to try out. When you are engaged the biggest advantage is, its official so you can just be normal unlike the hundreds of idiots I see around acting crazy in order to impress their girl friends. I have told this idea to my parents, let’s see what best they can come up with!

Also, I just wanted to clarify few things here to my young audience. I do understand that now I have a responsibility of posting sensible things on this blog because after Cosmos Redefined, the number of people reading this blog has substantially increased. Let me say you this, whatever is posted in this blog is been well thought. Also, I am going to implement these ideas and hopefully I think I will be successful in making my life better.

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