Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quantum Mechanics ...


Well, I am starting this new blog entry after a long time and as usual i have absolutely no idea what i am eventually going to write.  There are like millions things that i would like to share with you people but when i start writing I find nothing to write. I have to overcome this problem as soon as possible. Before I forget to mention, recently I wrote a paper called "On Dimensional Analysis Redundancy in set of fundamental quantities and Proposal of a New Set", its available on Arxiv. Here is the link Do check out and let me know what you have understood.

Now that I have been confirmed at Microsoft, I was thinking of how to proceed further about my research. Life is such a comprimise, you always have to sort out priorities. Ofcourse, research is my top priority but since I am paided at Microsoft, I have to benefit them as well. Oflate, I am reading a lot about Quantum Mechanics, its a strange field of science, No matter how much you read, it still remains as mysterious as it was at the begining. There is lot of thrill to know how the nature behaves at the sub-atomic levels. However, QM can just be wrong or would be requiring a major modification as its incompatible with General theory of Relativity. The problem is that QM doesn't support Gravity, though the effective gravity at sub-atomic level is almost negligible. However, at large distances Gravity plays a major role. Due to this, QM is not applicable at Large distances. Some crazy guys believe that String theory is going to replace QM/Relativity as a complete theory but I have my own doubths about string theory. I somehow feel, the universe is far more simple than string theory interprets it to be. 26 Dimensions reduced to 10 dimensions, phew... that's too much for my brain to take. Actually, the string theoriest arrived at 26 dimensions due to Dirac's equation. Anyhow, at this point let not get into it. We can debate on String theory some other time, i might invite Newton as well for the discussion.

The major problem with physics is that it has become too complicated for a common man to understand. Especially the young students find it very different to find and visualize what they study in their books, plus there is huge scarcity of professors and books that explain modern physics theories in a understandable way. Too much of maths is too bad for number of followers, that was the mantra of Stephen Hawking in his books. Currently, I am thinking about possible ways to reaching to students, making them understand QM, relativity and other stuff which is generally attributed as "Complicated" in a simple and elagant way. One idea I have in mind is to post some lecture series on "Youtube" by explaining QM just with "simple words".  However, its a tough task as QM without Maths is difficult. Anyhow, I am drafting few ideas, real world examples and soon you will be seeing me on Youtube explaining Quantum Mechanics. At this point, I am not sure how people are going to take it. Lets see...

Moving on, I am free for next few days, so probably you will find more blog sessions from me. Actually, last two months have been depressing for me from research point of view. I have been pushing myself but as you know with so many distractions around its becoming too difficult, after i am just a normal human being. Anyhow guyz, i concentrating on some new ideas. Pray for my Luck and success.


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