Saturday, February 21, 2009

The “Saawariyan” Effect

Wow… what a movie! I know, not many of you have liked this movie and yet I found the movie incredibly well made. It was true cinematic journey of words, backgrounds and characters. I was literally in tears at the end. I have always liked tragic movies, the movies in which at the end the hero doesn’t get the girl. Whether it’s Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam or Titanic, there is some mysterious appeal in these movies which totally take me into different world. Another movie which recently enjoyed watching is “Cast Away”. Well, enjoyment means shedding few tears here.

Talking about movies, I was suggested to watch “Beautiful Mind” by a very special person and I was told that it resembles my life. And when I saw the movie, I was literally in tears for most part of it. Human mind is unexplainably complex and volatile. The movie taught me how important are stable relationships in life and how important it is to understand a person. For most part of my life, I have lived under isolation and loneliness. No, I didn’t study at a boarding school or stuck at an island. It was more about not getting along with people emotionally. I never found myself into the environment I have lived.

When I was 10 years old, my father told me a proverb, “two men looked out of bars - one saw the mud and the other saw the stars”. My father always made sure that I look at stars than mud. It was only during my engineering I realized, I am the one who saw the mud. And then I got the idea of digging the tunnel, I came out, purchased a telescope and saw more stars than the guy behind the bars. While I was digging the tunnel, the other guy who was watching the stars learnt about falling in love with nature. He saw the beautiful moon, twinkling stars and the vast sky. And on one special day, he saw an angel in the sky. He instantly fell in love with her. Little did he realize that he is behind the bars. He wanted to meet the angel, he wanted to speak with her but he was stuck there behind the bars looking at stars. I believe he is still there behind the bars. And the other guy, which was me, successfully dug the tunnel, earned money to purchase a telescope and saw the stars. I saw the barren moon, burning stars and the near empty sky. There was never a moment where I saw an angel flying across the sky with the telescope.

As the life went on, I once again revisited the proverb once my dad told me. I was happy that I was the guy who saw the mud, dug the tunnel, came out, purchased the telescope and was exploring the skies and universe. Suddenly, a thought changed my life. There weren’t two guys behind that bars. There was only me inside those bars. It was my heart that saw the stars and it was my brain that saw the mud. My heart is still behind those bars and that brain is with that telescope that only finds barren moon, burning stars and near empty sky.

That’s why there is loneliness in my life and that’s why I like movies in which hero doesn’t get the girl. I know, once again this post turned out to be about my life! Seriously, when I started out writing this one, I wanted to write about movies and science… but don’t know why the words took their own direction…

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